Unleashing the Power of Cordless Welding: The ESAB Renegade VOLT™ ES 200i

In the world of welding, innovation and adaptability are key to tackling diverse projects and ensuring exceptional results. Enter the ESAB Renegade VOLT™ ES 200i, a groundbreaking cordless welder that redefines the boundaries of power, versatility, and performance. 

Unparalleled Cordless Convenience

Breaking free from the constraints of traditional corded welders, the Renegade VOLT™ ES 200i empowers you to go wherever the work takes you. Powered by DEWALT® FLEXVOLT® batteries, this cordless marvel delivers an impressive 33 (E6013) electrodes on a single charge using four 12 Ah batteries. Whether you’re operating in remote locations, off-site environments, or hard-to-reach areas without easy access to AC mains power, the Renegade VOLT™ has you covered. 

Hybrid Power Mode: Amplifying Your Welding Capabilities 

The Renegade VOLT™ doesn’t stop there. Its innovative AMP+ Hybrid Mode seamlessly integrates cordless and corded power, extending your welding capabilities and flexibility. This unique feature supplements AC mains power with battery power, preventing nuisance trips on smaller breaker sizes (e.g., 10A, 16A) and providing a boost in output when welding on 120V input. 

Rugged Durability for Unwavering Performance 

The Renegade VOLT™ is not just about power and versatility; it’s also built to withstand the rigors of any job site. Its industrial design features impact-resistant housing and multiple lift points, ensuring easy portability and unwavering performance even in the most demanding environments. 

Intuitive User Interface: Clarity in Any Condition 

Designed for outdoor use, the Renegade VOLT™ boasts a bright, intuitive color-screen user interface that provides clear information and control even in direct sunlight. With a battery status display and remaining arc time calculator, you can always stay on top of your welding operations. 

Advanced Features for Optimized Welding 

The Renegade VOLT™ is packed with advanced features that elevate your welding experience. Hot Start ensures easy arc initiation for a smooth start every time, while Arc Force controls arc stability and penetration for consistent weld quality. Memory Storage allows you to save and recall welding parameter presets for quick setup, and Cellulosic Mode (6010) optimizes performance for welding cellulose electrodes. 

The ESAB Renegade VOLT™: A Revolution in Cordless Welding 

The ESAB Renegade VOLT™ ES 200i is more than just a cordless welder; it’s a testament to innovation, adaptability, and unwavering performance. With its unmatched power, versatility, and advanced features, the Renegade VOLT™ has redefined the boundaries of cordless welding, empowering welders to tackle diverse projects with confidence and precision. 

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