Stair Treads & Floor Grating

A range of stair treads and Floor grating solutions in both GRP and Galvanised steel

Galvanised Steel Stair Treads

Galvanised Steel Stair Treads

Galvanised steel stair treads for bolting to stair stringers, custom made to suit your requirements.

Galvanised Steel Floor Grating

Galvanised steel floor grating, used for flooring on access platforms, walkways, mezzanine floors and many other industrial applications

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GRP Stair Treads

GRP Stair treads are a lightweight and durable alternative to steel products. GRP Stair treads are low conductive, chemical and corrosion resistant and non sparking. Custom made to your requirements, please contact us.

GRP Floor Grating

GRP floor gratings offer a lightweight, high straight and durable solution for flooring on access platforms, walkways and other industrial applications. GRP benefits include corrosion resistance, non-sparking, low conductivity and chemical resistance. Please contact us with your requirements.


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