Janitorial & Cleaning Supplies

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Brushes and Mops

We cover a range of different brush heads, mops and handles to suit most common applications.

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Bleaches and Detergents

A range of powerful cleaning detergents, bleaches, washing up liquids, toilet cleaners, surface cleaners and polishes, to make cleaning as effortless as possible.

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Hand Cleaners and Sanitizers

Powerful hand cleaners with and without beads, including heavy duty cleaners to remove ingrained oil and grease and general dispensing soap.

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Part degreasing solutions rinsable by water. Suitable for engines, machinery, tools, motors, components and parts. Includes a rust inhibitor.

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Cleaning wipes

Industrial cleaning wipes, requiring no scrubbing, water or soap. Ideal for, hands and surfaces, paint, silicone and adhesives, oil and grease, expanding foam tools, inks and many more….

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Toilet Paper

Compressed air sprayer or pneumatic sprayers used for applying paints, varnishes and other finishes

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Centre Feed Towels

Blue rolls of paper towels to suit centre feed dispensers.

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Green Paper Hand Towels

Loose green paper hand towels to suit dispensers.

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Vacuum Cleaners

110 volt, 240volt, and 3 phase vacuum cleaners available. Ideally suited for professional, commercial, industrial and high usage.


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