Hand Tools


Ball pein, pin, claw, lump, sledge, wooden handle or fibre glass handle.

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Whether you are looking for standard screwdrivers, long length screwdrivers, screwdriver sets, VDE approved screwdrivers or screwdriver bits we have something to offer you.


Pliers are a versatile and essential hand tool found in almost any toolbox. We offer a range of different pliers suitable for different uses including combination, long nose, side cutters, pincers, mole grips, circles pliers and many more.

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Wood saws, junior and regular hacksaws, pad saws etc…

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From steel rules and tape measures to ultrasonic there is something to suit all applications.

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Spirit And Laser Levels​

A wide range of spirit levels from top brands like Stabila And Draper. Also available are laser levels.

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Sockets And Socket Sets​

All types of standard sockets, socket accessories, impact sockets and socket sets.

Spanners and Wrenches

Ring, open ended, combination, ratchet, podger, scaffold, slogging etc…

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Handling, Load Moving, Sack Trucks​

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Carpentry Tools

Full range of carpenters’ tools available.

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Builders Tools

Floats, trowels, bolsters etc…

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Electricians Tools

A wide range of VDE and electrical tools for electricians.


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